How to Increase and grow Affiliate Sales orgnically

How to Increase and grow Affiliate Sales organically

boost Affiliate Sales
hey are you looking to increase your affiliate sales and boost your products and services looking to boost more clicks on your affiliate links and make more sales 

in this very exciting blog, we are talking about seven affiliate marketing strategies and tips that will help you get more sales by the tune of well over two hundred and thirty percent from where you are right now even if you're a beginner 

 if you don't know it's all about empowering you the home biz entrepreneur with the mindset and the marketing skillsets to get more results and get that breakthrough that you've been looking for right alright
so let's get right down into it alright

 so these are seven affiliate marketing strategies and tips are definitely help you make more sales and your affiliate marketing strategy here

and the way you promote your business is alright so definitely each one is designed to like I don't know the exact numbers but the increase your percentage of the conversions and all your sales and clicks on your links and things like that by a certain amount

 so I got about 230 but who cares really all you know it's gonna don't know double triple the amount of still you're making and your affiliate marketing strategy right now 

so let's get right to it

 the first one is making sure that you have the right message for the right audience with the right product okay this is so key basically what we're talking about is understanding your target market okay making sure that who you're talking to your target market and the message you're telling them and the product of promoting to them is all aligned 

it's all congruent right so, for example, probably don't want to be selling steaks to a vegan right because that does network that's not there with us against the target market and it only kind of makes you look like

 you don't know what you're doing right so you want to make sure that you're targeting people and get talking to them the way they want to talk to you

 a mindset of the customer for more affiliate sale

boost Affiliate Sales
so, first of all, let's say you're into

 you know let's say you're in health and wellness you mean if you're talking to people who want to lose weight maybe you're not talking you're not trying to promote electronic products to the right 

they probably don't care that'snot congruent with your audience but maybe you can talk to them about a skincare product

 you can talk to them about your suit of clothes right and then make sure you have the right message right so what is it that

 these people are going through what are their challenges great way to do guys just go into some forms go on to Facebook groups do a little bit research right talk to people

 find out what is the thing that bothers them the most so that you can speak to it it definitely helps your conversions by the tremendous amount your sales will go through the roof just by making sure you're talking to them with the words and things that they're already talking about

 because then they feel like oh this is exactly for me I should pay attention number to affiliate marketing strategy and tips I'll help boost increase affiliate sales is well make sure that you have a strategy

 strategically creating a video so that they can be found using SEO and search so what do I mean by that means using the actual search function on YouTube

 so that when people search in there for a particular keyword they're gonna find your blogs so let's say for example we're on the blog right now as so much trying to find affiliate marketing strategies

beneficial ideas for more sale

boost Affiliate Sales
well you want to make sure that you have

 you type in your blog specifically has that keyword in the title and in the description and in the blog itself that you're mentioning it right 

so that when someone types in affiliate marketing strategies well they're gonna be able to find it you've positioned your key

 your blog around a keyword that first of all has searches people are searching for it and then you've positioned your blog and strategically created it so that that keyword is in all the right places

 so it's really really important to take advantage of the SEO with stretching because Google is the number 1 search engine on the planet and people come there to find issues find questions to their problems and challenges

 so if you are creating content around that you're gonna better be positioning yourself to make more money to make more sales because you're putting yourself in them 

and in front of people who are already looking for you're looking for you're just giving them an answer to the questions and then providing a solution in the form of a product to service on the back end

number 3 tip for the Philly marketing skies and tips that'll really help you boost your sales is making sure that you find or you're in the place where it's low competition alright 

so you want to be in the competition space 

now, in the beginning, this was really helpful because there's a lot of other big-brand blogs out there a lot of content they're getting more promotion than your stuff so you want to kind of make sure that you're 

you start off making sure

you're in a place where there's not as much competition not many people talking about it right and doesn't mean that you can't start creating content that that's really popular I encourage that you should definitely go after the big keywords too

 but I also make sense to make sure that all hey go after the low-competition space right so say for example where we were we had this this this example right 

I'm gonna close this out so you had this example right affiliate marketing strategies well you could say well what about affiliate marketing without a website right so that gets about 720 searches a month right

 so that could be a place or maybe affiliate marketing without a website and block 70 70 searches a month, not a whole lot but there's probably an opportunity there another thing that you can see is that just seeing all these keywords that come here or opportunities 

that maybe it's gonna conserve a particularly honest and maybe nobody's talking about another example a way that you could find a little competition space is you use a google Keyword planner right so let's say we put affiliate marketing strategies here

 we can just go in and this and then we're just gonna change up your options so the ones show the key terms or related

 if you say and then we hit get ideas and then it's gonna pull up a bunch of keywords around our particular niche so you can see the volume the competition right so maybe if you find one that's a low competition but has a decent amount of volume not that 50is 

a whole lot that could be a place where you could that could be an example a place that is little competition space but there is a need so that's what you're really looking for they're golden the perfect keyword one has low competition but a huge amount of me

 because there's an audience doesn't market more need for it that's the perfect place to go to my number for Philly marketing strategy and tip that's gonna really help 

you boost your sales and sales in your business is making sure you create content really good valuable content you know for example if you're looking you can find videos on a blog post and you need them they don't seem to be as helpful right

you want to kind of think about  how the content you like how does it look like to you how detailed is it how highly involved is it you know the kind of stuff that you be saving right at you and I come back to this later

 because it's that good yeah, of course, it takes time to create that pieces of content but I feel like I'm telling you your marketplace is gonna reward you for taking the time out to create content like that so say 

for example, I create a blog on 17 backlinks ideas to make extra income right this took me a long time to do the research to do to bring the information together with the type of information that you know what 

if there were me searching for this blog and I found this what I have found this to be helpful and that's the thoroughness right that's the thoroughness that's the integrity that the quality of who you areas 

it created all these things going to play its really important to make sure not only of creating high creating content but high quality and this is just a perfect example of that

number five affiliate marketing strategy and tip that will help you get more conversions on your sales boost sales by 230 percent would be to make sure you have a clear call to action alright so a call to action

 if you don't know is basically telling people what you want them to do believe it or not if you don't have a call to action people will not click on that link it's very interesting people have to be told what to do and it's simpler your call to action is the more effective it is so

 for example, you don't want to have more than one call-to-action in it confuses people they don't know what to which one to pick guess what they don't pick any right so you want to have one single call to action 

 so a perfect example of it would be in this blog that we just saw right how to call it to action I said hey my number one recommendation is pulldown to make money online part-time is right here 

so that's it a very clear recommendation

 this is what I recommend you wanna make money online click it that's it done right it's very simple straight get point and will definitely increase and booster conversional and your sales and your feeling sales by a tremendous amount

 my number six affiliate marketing strategy and tip that will help boost sales for your filling sales is well you should consider mixing in low ticket and high ticket offers right. 

so in the affiliate marketing space you can have Hulett offers that pay ten-fifteen twenty-thirty dollars right a certain small percentage Amazon

 the perfect example get paid between four to ten percent right which is a small amount which means you need what I hired a number of people to like click and buy to make a significant amount

 so if you're trying to go full-time with affiliate marketing. it may take you a while and all your offers are just low ticket 

Wow if you mix it a high ticket offer along with it what that means is ??

they hey none of many people won't buy this high ticket offers because this could be five-six ten-fifteen thousand dollar offer depending on what it is

 it clumpedpromoting it could be a mastermind. it could be a high-value item whatever the case is but hey not only many people will buy that but guess what somebody might you want to give that opportunity to that one person'swilling to invest in themselves who's willing to who see the value and wants to invest in it

 it's a great way you can rack up five eight ten thousand dollar commissions per sale. one sale how many little mini ticket office which you have to sell to get that type of big hmm.

 a whole lot right so I recommend I don't think you she got stick you just low ticket offers you know on just high ticket offers.

 I think you should have a mix of both in between especially when you're getting started it out to kind of like balance out the income since you have a consistent flow of income but then you can have an opportunity to make one or two sales.

 I can put you up into twenty-five thousand thirty thousand dollars per month and come and really kind of hope solidify your business she should definitely consider looking for those heights at the operation.

 my number seven affiliate marketing strategy and tip that helped even please boost conversions of your feeling sales last but not least, in fact, I probably we think it's this most important is consistency

promoting affiliate products on youtube as a beginner

boost Affiliate Sales
I can't really emphasize to you enough how much consistency means in this game and philia marketing especially if you're promoting on YouTube because he got to think about it YouTube is once again number two search engine in the planet

 there's about can't remember maybe about a thousand channels being started every hour or every day or something like that so these are a whole bunch of people come on YouTube trying to be somebody trying to make money.

 trying to do something right but the majority of them don't make it why because YouTube is set up certain limit certain upper limits glass ceilings that you don't know about.

I recently mind that make it so that only the serious people will ever see some serious success on YouTube and so what that means is that you really want your videos to be seen which means getting more traffic which then means more clicks. 

which then means more conversions more affiliates sales for you. that means you have to consistently produce videos consistently.

 you don want to do it every day but I suspect that you should be putting videos up at least three to four times a week and that shows you to get your series and not only have to do that for a consistent period of time.

I'm not sure how long it is but you got to do it for a certain amount of time consistently did you show that you're serious 

now what happens on YouTube will start showing your videos to like certain audiences which will then get more views which then leads to more subscribers which leads to more showed of your videos more views and more subscribers and it becomes this like positive feedback group.

 that just keeps me been getting better all because you must and consistent not only that but we stay consistent you learn more about what you become an expert coming to Authority and that's where success is my success lies
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