23 beneficial Strategies for Amazon Affiliate Marketing

 23 beneficial Strategies for Amazon Affiliate Marketing


Do you know in this COVID lockdown many people have become entrepreneurs and taken up affiliate marketing? In this blog, I will tell you 23 smart strategies for becoming a successful amazon affiliate.

Amazon was the first one in its league to put affiliate program in action. you can promote its product and get some commission every time. a customer makes a payment using your link the affiliate program offered by Amazon is called amazon associate. 

you can earn up to 10 percent commission Amazon is a giant in e-commerce and it covers almost all types of products which provide you with a lot of options and is also a trusted site so you have got to just sign up with Amazon affiliate.

 well, it's free of cost to sign up so visit the amazon associate page and join it then you need to log in with your Amazon account. I recommend you to read the terms and conditions carefully for a better understanding of the system.

 after this, you will need to choose the products that you want to promote and how you are going to promote it. you can promote the product on a website, youtube channel, or a mobile app. it does ask questions about your website's usual traffic so if you have a low-quality site chance it may not get approved.

so it is recommended to use a website that already has some well-written articles. after filling out some other necessary information you are officially now an amazon associate.if you are not able to convert one deal within 180 days of being an amazon associate then your license will be canceled.

 so amazon is very strict about its policies but amazon is also pretty generous with its terms. every time a person visits amazon with your link you will get a commission for every product. they buy within 24 hours whether it was your promoted product or not sounds great right.

also if a person uses your affiliate link and puts the product in the cart then amazon gives you a window of 90 days till which you can get a commission if the user buys the product if someone returns or refunds an item amazon will detect the commission.

 they paid you so don't worry when your account shows a negative balance you can receive your commission through cheque amazon gift card or direct deposit. 

 23 secrets that will make you a professional affiliate marketer


now let's start with the 23 secrets that will make you a success as an amazon associate.

 first tip passionate. it's very competitive so you need to be extremely passionate about the category of products else.

 the competition can be extremely overwhelming.

 second tip choose the category of products smartly while you earn a nice commission of nine percent on watches. you make only a small commission of two percent on data storage devices. also, you can choose the product keeping in mind the search volume keyword.

 search volume is a direct indication of the overall competitiveness of the keyword. since it is a commission-based system the higher the price of the product the higher is your commission. so it would be wise to select the category of electronics over books.

if you are aiming for hefty commissions you must also try to promote the bestsellers on amazon as it creates more chances for you to generate revenue. you can always find the list of bestsellers on amazon's official site.

 choose products with high-quality images. you don't want to drive your visitors to a product on amazon with only a few images. and that too low-quality right that could lose you not only your commission but also the trust on your website.

 advocate for products that have already seen decent reviews from authentic amazon customers. 

 third tips strike the right balance: you need to strike the right balance between the category.

 you are passionate about and the category with a decent commission rate you can try to club the category that you are passionate with the group with a decent commission rate.

 for example, if your website has useful articles on television let's say with a four percent commission rate then you can try writing about amazon's fire stick which has a 10commission rate.

 fourth tip, review products: reviewing products is the best way to get the most out of this program so make sure you clear all the doubts that the user has. whenever the user visits your site you can also make a comparison between two or more products, for example, iPhone 11 versus Samsung galaxy 20.

 another approach is to create a list of all best selling products but do try to give valid reasons for why you like them

 a fifth tip is a pre-buying approach so create content that focuses on pre-buying phase rather than a post-buying phase of the journey .for example 10 reasons to buy one plus 7 will interest those who have not purchased the product but content like how to make the camera experience on one plus device better will drive people who have already purchased the device number.

 six tips are living the journey to understand what are the issues that the customer is facing with the category of your product number.
seven tip register domain name companies like GoDaddy reseller club provide reliable and low-cost domain and hosting service in India. 

eight tip converting international customer amazon links are country-specific.so chances are:- you are missing out on a good amount of international commissions so use amazon one link as it allows you to manage traffic from different countries and it redirects the customer to the relevant Amazon product. it can also be applied to existing affiliate links in case you were worried about already used links.

 ninth tip is to improve the SEO results using the right keywords plays a critical role in SEO and having high SEO ranking is essential for good traffic. top results of any search get 10 times more click than an average link. also missing some crucial keywords can push your website a few hundred spots behind in the search results.

the tenth tip optimizes your title and meta description always keep your primary keywords in title and meta description. it increases the chances of your content to show on top of the results.

friends eleventh tip is keywords. it is recommended to use buying keywords like best headphones under 2000rather than using only headphones. you can also take it a step further for example instead of using phrases like best headphones try using phrases like headphones with the best bars. these kinds of tactics can improve your content's chances of being formed on the internet number. 

twelfth tip focus on your content. please cover minor details that your competitors miss out on your content is likely to get more views. if it has more than 2000 words once you have written a comprehensive post. it is crucial to keep updating it from time to time.

 suppose you've written a post on the best smartphones in the mid-range segment then you need to keep updating it every time. a new smartphone is launched that you feel needs to be mentioned that makes you look passionate and dedicated towards your leaders. 

the thirteenth tip: promote your content. if you feel your content is worth something then why not promote it. keep promoting your content on social media platforms.

fourteenth tip guest appearance: it is good to have someone famous in your field over your website or youtube channel this can make your viewers feel that you have some serious contact in the community. you can also be a guest on someone else's platform that makes you look like an expert and someone whose views are respected.
however, you need to be an integral part of your community for either of these to happen if you want to have some guests you must have a decent number of subscribers. 

fifteenth tip: smooth user experience no matter how good your content is. it will be of no use if the website is lagging and not responding to an excellent hosting company. ensures reliable site performance and a high level of security various options like a big rock, HostGator provides hosting services at compelling prices.

the sixteenth tip is google search console: with google search console you can see which articles are getting the most number of impressions in your category it also shows you which keywords are getting the most clicks. this way you can add these keywords to your article and it is free just sign up and you are ready to go.

seventeenth tip make your website appealing: if you are new to making websites then it is advised to use WordPress it is quite easy to learn and offers a lot of options to create the website you want.it is open source and free to use. do you know almost 34 percent of all websites are using WordPress.so you need not worry about WordPress being reliable and trustworthy?

eighteenth tip cash in on your competition: the amount of competition and products on amazon is astonishing. it is entirely possible for the product that you're promoting to be outperformed by a new product. be smart enough to admit that the new product is better and that you can still make your website visitors make a purchase using your affiliate link.

the nineteenth tip is affiliate links on images: one of the easiest and effective ways of increasing your revenue is adding affiliate links on the images in your post. if the visitor clicks on an image then you can redirect to amazon. you can use easy as on a product that makes a lot of these tasks very easy.

the twentieth tip take rules seriously: if you want to be a serious associate of this program. it's better to abide by the rules. you must inform your website visitor that you will make some commission if they make a purchase at no expense of their own using your link.

 it would be nice if you explicitly mention that you recommended the products because you've personally used them. and it has nothing to do with the commission if you use email marketing you have to be careful about articles that have amazon links.

amazon is strictly against the use of its links for promotional advertising in any offline manner. which includes email marketing, ebooks printed material, etc.

so read the instructions of the amazon affiliate program thoroughly. Amazon keeps updating its terms and conditions from time to time so keep a tag on the changes. if you have found violating any of the rules and regulations then amazon can ban you.

the twenty-first tip knows where your customer clicks: you can use heat maps to know where the customers are clicking the spots with the maximum. clicks can be placed with the images with affiliate links and these spots can also be used to place third party ads which can act as an additional income. 

22nd tip personalize the experience: let's suppose you create a website about the best mobile phones of all segments so when someone visits your site ask them to answer a few questions regarding the features they want in their smartphones. after this you can land them to the list of phones that meet their requirements while it sounds complicated thrive leads makes the process relatively simpler 

23rd tip is email advertising with affiliate links: you must be wondering that wasn't using amazon affiliate links in email prohibited. well, I understand how important it is to retarget your website visitors. so I have a few ways that you can use to place affiliate links in emails and still not get banned by amazon truncate your feed. you can share some part of your article in the email please make sure that there is no affiliate link in the shared part of the article which will make the whole process of truncating the field futile. use a plugin if you want the whole article in the feed you can use a plugin that removes all the affiliate links from the feed.

 do comment which of these tips you like the most also comment which content you want me to make the blog next if you like this article subscribe to our blog  
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