How To Create Amazon Affiliate Website in 2021 with Wordpress

 How To Create Amazon Affiliate Website in 2021 with WordPress

affiliate website in wordpress
affiliate website in WordPress

Starting an affiliate website, was the best decision of my life. This is all possible because I took the most important decision of starting a website and later, monetizing it. It took me many years to learn what works and what doesn’t. But lucky for you, I have shared all my working tips and tricks in this affiliate marketing mastery course on my blog.

what is a domain name

So that you don’t have to waste any money or time so that you can directly apply what is working. Whenever you are building a site, the first step is to register a domain name. So what is a domain name? A domain name is an internet address. An address where Internet users can access your website.

Like the case of Facebook, “facebook.com” is the domain name for the company Facebook. And similarly, “google.com” is the domain name for the company, Google. I know it’s very simple, but still, I am explaining to all the people who don’t know it. There can be multiple extensions of your domain name, but the popular one is “.com”. Like “google.COM… facebook.COM… or instagram.COM”. Now “.com” domain extension is more suited for the global audience.

But when you’re targeting a specific country, like the case of India. If you’re targeting the Indian audience, then instead of going for the “.com” domain extension, you will go for “.in”. Like in my case, my website address is: “blogdevta.in”.

Because I’m targeting the Indian audience. So instead of going for a “.com” domain extension, I went for the “.in” domain extension. Similarly, let’s say if you’re targeting Brazil. Then your domain extension will be “.br”. So in my case, it will be “blogdevta.BR”. Now after a domain name, to start a website, you need hosting.

what is Webhosting

So what is web hosting? Web hosting is a service, where an organizer or individuals can post a website or a webpage on the internet. So just like you have Almira (Indian storage company) to store all your stuff, your website also needs some space to store all the files and the folders. A website is nothing but a directory of files and folders that are rendered through a server of a particular domain name.
So whenever you are thinking of starting a blog, you need 2 things, first is the domain name, and second is the website hosting. So whenever you are buying a website hosting, you’re actually buying a space on a server. So now there are various companies that sell website hosting. Like SiteGround, BlueHost, GoDaddy, and HostGator.

So whenever you are buying a website hosting, you are actually buying a server space of these companies. So these companies have massive servers. So you’re actually paying a monthly fee, for access to some space on these servers. So whenever we are talking about a shared web hosting, you’re actually taking some server space of the server.

Because taking the entire server will be really expensive, so shared hosting is the solution for all the people who want to start their site at a very cheap price. Now let’s talk about free hosting. Free is always preferred by people. And they also think why pay for hosting, when they can get it for free, right? But you have to understand one thing, there nothing free in this world. Yes, free hosting does exist. But they have their limitations.

 Their drawbacks are honestly, not worth it. Especially when you’re starting an affiliate website to make money. You need an extra edge to beat your competition. So if you’re starting an affiliate website, you need to invest in a paid hosting. Free hosting providers like Blogger or Wix have certain limitations.

 You cannot customize your website like the way you want, there will be a subdomain instead of your primary domain, and the worst of all, there is no technical support. Since you’re starting out a new website, sooner or later you will face issues. You will face problems like installing WordPress, some plugin is not working, or maybe your website is not rendering. You need someone to talk to, someone who can help you.

This is where the paid hosting companies come into play. They have support people. You can call them, you can live chat with them and they will solve your issues within minutes. But with free hosting, nothing like that comes. So personally, after creating hundreds of affiliate websites, I will recommend you to stay away from the free hosting and rather invest a few dollars in a paid hosting plan.

Since you are investing time and energy in this affiliate website, and the ultimate goal is to make money from your website, you need to invest a few dollars for a paid hosting plan. After my 7+ years of experience in affiliate marketing, the one recommendation that I can give you is to invest a few dollars in a paid hosting plan, so that you can beat your competition and drive much more traffic so that you can make much more money for your website.

 With the paid hosting plan you will be getting unlimited space and unlimited bandwidth. You can drive as many people to your website as you want. Yes, some hosting gives you an upper limit of 10 – 20,000 visitors per day. But if you are just starting out, that is more than enough for you. Also instead of worrying about installing WordPress or other technical difficulties, there’s a one-click installation for everything.

 All you have to do is click on a couple of icons and everything will be installed, automatically. And the most important reason for going fora paid hosting plan is the support staff. I can’t tell you how important this is. Even today after opening 50+ websites for myself and for my clients, still we face issues.

And the one thing that I have to do is, go to the support staff. I tell them my issue and within a few minutes, everything is fixed. There have been multiple instances when my websites were hacked. And it was the support staff who helped me out. And also paid to host plans used to be expensive earlier. Now, they’re extremely cheap.

 And if you’re following our affiliate marketing mastery course and if you are creating an affiliate website like the way I tell you, then within a few months, you will be making money from your site. So the money that you are investing in your hosting is not an expense. Rather an investment, that will give benefits later.

So the hosting company that I recommend is SiteGround. This is the company that I am using and all my affiliate websites are hosted in the same hosting company. And I have tried almost all hosting companies out there.

Be it GoDaddy, be it BlueHost. I have tried them all. But my search ended at SiteGround or HostGator, this hosting company is phenomenal.

How we can make our site fast and lightweight

speed up website
I myself use GeneratePress theme for all my affiliate websites, because this theme is ultra-lightweight, and your website will be loading at a lightning speed. And Google uses preference to fast loading websites. So ranking number one on Google will be much easier for you. Also, I would recommend you buy a $50 plugin called wp Rocket which will make your website even faster.

 So follow along with me in this blog, 

 So first is this GeneratePress theme, this theme is already free, but its premium feature is for $49.95.

I would recommend you to buy the premium version of this because it will help to give a well SEO optimization in technical SEO
you will also receive extra discount if you purchase this theme from my link

 This is the theme that I use for all my affiliate websites, the reason is that this theme is ultra-lightweight and it’s very simple to use, very user-friendly, and also very Google search engine-friendly. So your website will be ranking at a much higher rate compared to your competitors. 

 And the second amazing thing that we are giving is the WP Rocket plugin. This plugin will make your website ultrafast and your website will be loading at lightning speed. And the best part is this plugin is so easy to use, you don’t need to have any technical knowledge on how to make a website fast. All you have to do is just activate the plugin and your website will instantly be loading at a very, very fast speed.

Now I recommend SiteGround hosting and I also mentioned multiple reasons why I recommend SiteGround hosting and why all my websites are hosted at SiteGround hosting, so you can check the article here, “My Top 10 Reasons”.

Where I have given you a comprehensive reason why I have recommended SiteGround hosting. And why this is the best hosting for any Amazon affiliate website. 

Decide a proper niche

Now in the niche research blog, I told you how to look for the perfect low competition, high-profitable niche.

So I have decided to go into the DSLR niche, just for the test purpose of showing you how to create a website and how to optimize it in a perfect manner, so I’ll be creating a DSLR related website. So let’s search for a good domain name for this. I’m searching for a domain name, “bestdslrindia.in” Let’s see if it’s available or not. Sometimes it takes a little longer to search for it so just, wait for it for a few seconds. So the “bestdslr…in” is not available, it’s already taken.

So let’s try some other variation. The reason why I’m going with the “.in” domain extension is that I want to target the Indian market. If you go for the “.com” then you will be targeting the global audience and also the US market.

So, if you’re targeting the Indian market go for the “.in” domain extension, if you’re targeting the US market then go for the “.com” extension. You can also go to the “My Tool” section, where I recommend all the tools that I use to run my blog.

The process to setup domain and hosting

And the first thing is definitely SiteGround-you can also click here to visit the SiteGround hosting, so once you visit SiteGround hosting all you have to do is… so there are 3 plans. There’s a StartUp plan, the GrowBig plan and there’s a GoGeek plan. The primary difference between the 3 is that with the StartUp plan, is the cheapest but only 1 website can be built on a single hosting. So let’s say after a couple of months you want to create 2 or 3 more websites.

 Then for every new website, you have to buy a new hosting. So that’s the drawback of the StartUp plan. But if you go with the GrowBig plan, then you can create unlimited websites on a single hosting. Like it says, it’s unlimited websites. Also, the bandwidth of this hosting is really high. So the website can easily handle 25,000 visitors per month.

 But since I’ll be giving you this amazing WP Rocket plugin and also this amazing lightweight theme, and if you’re installing both these themes on your hosting, then you can easily handle 100,000 visitors per month. Because I’ve been using SiteGround for many years now, I know… and I have used the GrowBig plan as well. And my website was easily able to handle 100,000 visitors per month. So the one I recommend is GrowBig.

 You can go to GoGeek, but it will be too expensive for you. And also if you’re just a beginner then GoGeek is not suited for you, rather go with the GrowBig plan. So click here and get a plan. So now you have to find a new domain name, if you’ve read my niche blog of the affiliate marketing where I told you how to find a low competition high profitable niche for your website, then I showed you various ways to find a good niche for your Amazon affiliate website.

 I have decided to go into the DSLR niche because the profitability is really high. I have decided to go into the DSLR niche for the website, So let’s search for a good domain name. “best DSLR…” I’ll go with the “.in” domain extension.

 Because- since if you’re targeting the Indian audience then go for the “.in” extension it will help you in SEO. If you are targeting the US or the global market then go for the “.com”. But don’t go for “.in” or “.org” etc. Either go for the country-specific domain extension or go for the global “.com”. So let’s see that- whether it’s available or not.

Which type of domain name should you have to use

One recommendation that I can give you is in your domain name, make sure you have your category or the niche of your website or the keyword. So my category or the niche of my website is DSLR, so I’ve added the word “DSLR” on the domain name. Because this will really help in the SEO or the search engine optimization of your website later. So if your website is about guitars, make sure you have “guitar” in the domain name.

 Like “bestguitar.in” or something like that. So now, I’ll fill in all this information and buy this hosting plan. One thing that you have to keep in mind that- there’s an option in SiteGround the “SG Site Scanner”, you don’t need it. And apart from that, for the data center, take the data center that is closer to your target audience. So our audience will be in India, and Singapore is the closest data center.

 This is where all your files are hosted. But if you’re targeting the US audience then go for the Chicago data center because it will be closer to your US audience. Similarly, if you are going to Europe or anything else, then you can select the appropriate data center. Since we’ll be targeting India, I’ll be going to Singapore.

So what I’ll do is I’ll fill in all this information and purchase this hosting,. So I purchased the domain name, “best DSLR.in” So now let’s configure the domain name, configure the website, install WordPress and set it up like a pro.

 Affiliate hosting receipt- and send it tome. Once we see this hosting receipt and we see that the sales have been generated from our affiliate link, I will give you the paid theme and the paid plugin and I’ll also show you how to install both of these on your theme. Go to your SiteGround account, open it.

 And now, there are three options. “Start a new website” “transfer a website”“don’t need help now”. To start a new website, we don’t have to. Transfer a website if you’re using- if you already have a website on a different host like GoDaddy Host, HostGator or BlueHost.

I highly recommend you guys to transfer to SiteGround because this will drastically improve the free traffic of your website, that is the SEO of your website, and will drive much more traffic. I don’t need any help right now because I will be showing you everything, how to set up manually. And you don’t need this SG site scanner it's not worth it, so confirm, and I confirm… and complete setup.

So this is the backend of your SiteGroundhosting so this is how it looks, there are many options here you can increase more- you can upgrade the hosting.

 So the first thing is you have to go to the “MyAccount” section. So here’s the entire detail about your hosting account and domain name. So I have my domain name “bestdslr.in” here, and these are the other details regarding my hosting. Like my IP address, my DNS, etc. So all you have to do is click here “Go to cPanel”, and “yes, proceed”.

 Now, these are the details of your entire hosting account. Like the domains you have added, the files-you can access the files here. You can access any customization that you need to do on your website on your hosting, you have to do it from this cPanel account.

So the first step is- as you can see that you have purchased the Grow Big plan on SiteGround and this is the main server of your SiteGround and the date and other information. Now as you can see that SiteGround hosting has this lock here. It means that the website is hosted on an “https” server. Now you must have seen that Google has come up with various other announcements that they are preferring https websites compared to HTTP.

 So if you want more SEO traffic, more organic traffic to your website you need to install an “https”. No other hosting providers sell it for another monthly charge, but in SiteGround, it comes for free. So all you have to do is “Ctrl + F” (find), search for “let”… let’s find where’s Let’s Encrypt. Okay, here it is. So… click here on Let’s Encrypt.

Here you can see the domain name, “Let’sEncrypt SSL” So you have to install it. So select the domain name, it is already selected, then click on “install”. It is added in the installation cue and within a few minutes, it will be installed automatically. So let’s go back to the cPanel and now it’s time to install the WordPress on your domain name.

So way to install WordPress is, click here on WordPress. Click on install… you don’t have to- keep it on 5.1.1 itself and the protocol you would want “https://www.” Because you just installed the https protocol on your website. This is the domain name, the directory you’ll keep it empty. For the site name, I’ll just add the domain name as of now “Best DSLR”.

 For the site description, we can add something like, “Best camera reviews on the internet”. Enable multisite, no… admin- this is the admin username and password, you can keep it anything. So I’ll keep it like a “test” here. And for the password, I’ll keep it “test123” Obviously you should have a different username. And make the password extremely strong because WordPress is prone to get hacked. So make sure your password is really strong as well. I have just used it for test purposes. And for the admin email, add your main email.

Which will be used… so any communication or any contact form submission from your website will be redirected to this particular address. So I’ll be adding my email address- same that I used to purchase this hosting. Select language, English… limit login attempts(organizer), yes you would want this plugin. And part from that, these are the options that you have to do. And click on, install. Oh, the password must be- see they reminded me.

So let’s add… test_0709 maybe. Okay, it’s good under 50, it’s good with50 now. So test_0709, let’s install it now. So now the WordPress is getting installed. So, guys, WordPress is installed now, let's open the website and see if everything is fine or not. Yes, the website is opening correctly. And also you can see that we have this lock which means that the https is perfectly installed.

So that’s one good benefit of buying the site ground hosting that you get it- that you can get the https certificate for free. And to install the backend of your website that is the WordPress backend, the WordPress dashboard, all you have to do is add the word “wp-admin” in the domain name of your website.

So I’ll just click here and this is the backend. So, this is the backend of your website, this is where you will be customizing your entire theme, adding plugins, changing the structure of your website, changing the look of your website, installing the recommended plugins, themes, etc. and everything else.

 Now here you clicked on this particular URL and you were automatically logged into your WordPress dashboard, but usually the username and the password that we created to install the WordPress, you have to enter it. In order to access this particular dashboard.

WordPress dashboard overview

wordpress dashboard
So I’ll just give you an overview of the dashboard, how it works if you’re new to this. So click here, “don’t show this again”. Also, there are a few things that you need to do, okay, so I’ll just give you a general overview. This is the homepage of your dashboard, so this will- you can customize it if you want as well.

So this is the post section, this is where you will be adding the articles for your website. So “All Posts” are all the published posts and the draft posts as well. “Add New” is whenever you’ll be adding a new article. So you can click here, and you can add a title, you can add a description and everything else for your article.

 Like this will be a title, this is the description and the text size, color setting, advance categories, etc.

Similarly, you have the categories. You can also segment the categories, like if- you have- my website is about DSLR, then I can create multiple categories like camera, lenses, camera accessories, etc. And whenever I am writing an article I can assign a particular category to that article. So that the segmentation is proper on the website.

 Similarly, you can add particular tags as well. Whatever videos you’re uploading, whatever images you are uploading it will be in the media section here. In the pages section you will be creating pages like “About Us” or “Contact Me” etc… the “Terms & amp; Conditions” the disclaimer, etc. These are the pages that we will be creating.

The comment section is where all the comment sections will show. If anyone comments, you can moderate themes well. You can approve them, you can delete them, so all the comments will be showed here. Plugins section, we will be going through that in a few seconds. I’m just showing you all the recommended plugins that you have to install.

 Users are all the users that you want to create if you want to give access to your WordPress dashboard to multiple people. You can create moderators, you can create editors, you can create administrators, so all of that… Similarly, tools are for- if you already have some files you want to import or if you want to export the configuration of your dashboard you can export it as well.

You won’t be using this particular option very often. The setting part will definitely be- let’s start on the setting part here. So there are a few things that you need to doon the setting part. First of all, add a proper tagline, your tagline should have your primary keyword. So let’s say your website is about DSLR camera review then you must enter “best camera review on the internet”. My main keyword “best camera review” or“best DSLR” is already on the site tagline, this helps in the SEO part. This is automatically filled, you don have to worry much about it. So I’ll just save it. Then go into the writing section.

Default post category and categorized- just keep it the way it is. You don’t have to change anything in that. Just change it to “Summary” here and never check this option, it should always be unchecked otherwise your website won’t be getting index. So just change from full text to summary. Click save changes.

Go to the discussion tab, you don’t have to change anything here. In the permalinks section, you have to make sure that the post name is selected. This is extremely important for the correct SEO of your website. So make sure you change it to post name and save changes. So now that you have saved your settings…now let’s install the theme that I was recommending you earlier.

Theme setup in WordPress

generate press
install or download generate press
So now that you have saved your setting now let’s install a beautiful theme on your website which is lightweight., for this we will use GeneratePress.

So all you have to do is, after you send us the hosting receipt, on the same email I will reply to you the files of this theme. So what you have to do is go to themes. Appearance, themes section. Click on “add new”, “upload theme”, “choose file” and scroll “generate press”, select, open and install now. I will be giving you the RAR file in the reply to the email on the hosting receipt that you sent me. Once this theme is installed, click “activate”.

 Now the theme is active, let’s see how it looks. Yes, the website theme is active now. And also, to get the premium features of this theme you also need to install one more thing. So click on plugins, click on add new, upload plugin, choose file, I will be sending you this particular RAR file “go-premium” click on open and click on install now.

And click on activate the plugin. After you do this you will also be able to access the premium features of this plugin like all the premium modules that come up. 

 So I won’t be going through each of the modules that you want to activate or deactivate. Few things that I recommend are definitely the blog section, activate it. Also activate the copyright- and this depends on you what kind of functionality you want from your theme. The more modules you activate, the slower your website will get.

 So try to keep your modules as low as possible and only keep the necessary ones. So to check the overall features of the module all you have to do is go to “generatepress.com” and see the video overview of each module and see if you want it or not. So now let’s install the WP Rocket that I was telling you about. 

How to make your website extremely fast, so if you are using my affiliate link to purchase the hosting and sending us the hosting receipt. So we will be giving you the RAR file and the license key for this particular theme.
 Along with that, I will also be giving you the license key and the RAR file for the WP Rocket plugin. 

So to install this plugin go to plugins > addnew > upload plugin > choose file… I will be sending you this RAR file, selectit > open > install now > activate plugin.

 Now the thing is whenever you are buying site ground hosting, it automatically installs a particular plugin called SG Optimizer, this helps in making your website faster. But I have seen in my experience that whenever you are installing WP Rocket, WP Rocket makes your website much faster than the SG Optimizer.

 And there’s a clash of interest, so usually, I deactivate the SG Optimizer plugin and only keep the WP Rocket. Click on the- click on “clear cache”. Go to WP Rocket, click on settings, so now let me tell you the perfect settings for this WP Rocket plugin. 

Go to the cache section, enable caching for mobile devices, keep it this way. File optimization, select “Minify HTML”“Remove query strings…” “Minify CSS” activate minify c- “CombineCSS…” So activate everything. “Minify JavaScript” “Load JavaScriptdeferred” “Combine JavaScript” Now these are all the options that will make your website, extremely fast. 

Save it, let’s see if the website looks fine or not, or if there’s an issue- it looks fine. So no issue on that. Let’s go-to media, click enable for images, enable for iframes and videos, replace YouTube iframe with preview images, disable- save changes. Preload, it’s fine. Advanced rules- no we don’t need it. The database looks fine. 

CDN etc… image optimization, no you don’t need it. So this is the primary configuration of WP Rocket. So that’s the best part of using WP Rocket. You just have to press a few buttons and everything is configured automatically. 

Whenever you want to increase the website speed- the website loading speed of your blog, it becomes extremely difficult because you need to know so many advanced things like this minify, preload, CSS optimization, and JavaScript optimization and it becomes really confusing for beginners. But whenever you are using a WP Rocket plugin, all you have to do is just like what we did a few minutes earlier, you just press a few buttons and everything is perfect. 

Now our website must be loading at lightning speed. So let’s see the loading speed of our website on a good- let’s see the loading speed of our website. Ctrl + V (paste), I’ll select a server that is closest to India that is Asia Japan. 
 So Pingdom is currently testing the website. So let’s see how long it takes. So as you can see the website took only 1.14sload time and the performance grade was capital A 98, that’s really, really good. And the page size is only 24.2KB.  

So here the website is loading at lightning speed but this is only because of the WP Rocket plugin. So that’s the power of WP Rocket. So now let’s talk about making this website look nice. All you have to do is go to the Appearance section and go to the customize section. This is where you will be able to access all the settings related to your website theme. 

Changing the title, changing the widgets, and all of that. So let’s go to the widget section. Right sidebar… so I don’t want the recent comments section, I’ll remove that. Recent posts, maybe I’ll keep it. Archive I’ll remove. Categories, I’ll remove. Meta, I’ll remove. Search, I’ll keep that. 

So make sure you publish everything otherwise it won’t be saved. Let’s go to the footer widget. Whether you want to keep the footer widget or not. And the best part is you can click anywhere to access the edit of that particular area of the theme.

 So I just click here and I can see that I am in the copyright area now. Okay, similarly you can configure anything related to your blog. Now I won’t be going through each and every option of the blog otherwise it will take at least an hour more, just to configure the website.

 And I’ll keep this part unto you, on how to do it. So I want you guys to read the documentation of this particular theme, and go through each option, and- like here you can select the logo of your website and the site icon and everything.

 The layouts, the color, the typography… I won’t be giving you one specific way to do it because then all the people watching this video course will make the same type of website, I don’t want that. So I recommend you guys to read the documentation.

 It’s pretty simple, it’s not that difficult if you have created a website and- it won’t be- and also there are a lot of YouTube videos regarding the GeneratePress theme. So you can watch all of them and configure your website with the way and the look you want.

How to do technical SEO in WordPress

 So apart from that, you’ll also need to install a couple more plugins which will really help you with your website. So go to plugins > add new > Yoast SEO. Install this Yoast SEO plugin this is extremely important, and also activate the plugin. And you also have to add one more plugin, that is the contact form. So click on- “contact form”, and install this plugin as well. 

And activate this plugin as well. So go to SEO on the general section here. You don’t want text link counter, XML sitemaps…you don’t want this “Rye Integration” because it’s not worth it. And apart from that, just click on save changes. 

Search appearances, so make sure in the post section- settings for post URLs it looks something like this. Go to the “Tax” section category in the search results- you don’t want the category in the search results. Because that is not good for SEO. 

Make sure you disable it to “no”. And content URLs, remove the categories prefix…so just click on save changes. Similarly archives, you don’t want the author archives to be in the search results. You don’t want that, that’s not good for your SEO. 

Data archive, you don’t want that. Special pages…it’s fine. Click on save changes. Similarly, media and the content type… let’s see, post URL- that’s fine. Media it’s fine, taxonomies don’t want, archives… breadcrumbs… and general. 

So this is what you need to do for the search console. And anything else you don’t need much of that. So this is the setting of the Yoast SEO. And… Now there are few mandatory webpages that you need on your website, whenever you are creating an Amazon affiliate website. 

So now I’ll just- Oh yeah, guys I have forgotten to mention one thing. That when you go to the themes customization like I mentioned- showed you earlier, go to the theme customization > widget section > footer bar and add a widget here.

 And this widget will be text type. And just write this in your widget. So here it says that BestDslr.in is a participant in the Amazon Services LCC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising fees, etc. 

So in this particular- just replace the “BestDslr.in” here and here, with your domain name, whatever you choose. So this is a mandatory requirement for Amazon associate account, so whenever you are creating an account you need this on all pages of your website. 

That is the reason we have added it to our footer bar. So that it is visible in all the pages. Otherwise, your account will be banned. So make sure you do this and click on publish. 

Important pages for every website or blog

So now let us go to the pages section here. You also need a few mandatory pages on your website.

 So we’ll create a few pages. So the first page is “About (Your WebsiteName)”, or you can directly create an “about” page. And write a few sentences here like what your website is about. Like for me, the website is about premiere camera reviews, and how is our research process… like, what makes us different. 

So a little story about yourself. And you can also check other Amazon affiliate websites on the internet and see what kind of permission they have about the “about” section. Apart from that you also need a “terms of service” page. 

You’ll need a “privacy policy” page, and a disclaimer page, right? And the line that we copied earlier in the customized section, also makes sure that this particular line is also added here in the disclaimer section as well. 

So all these pages like about section, terms of service this- terms of service, privacy policy, and disclaimer, you can create it after looking at the various other- because almost all websites have it. So just look at the various pages of various websites, and just get an idea and create these three pages but make sure that the line that you have added here is also here in the disclaimer section because this really helps from not getting your Amazon account banned from the Amazon Associate account. 

And also make sure all the links of these pages are publicly shown on the footer bar of your theme. Because these pages should be directly accessible because whenever your account is getting approved, the Amazon Associate center will be checking whether these pages are available or not. So make sure these pages are also available in the footer menu. 

So this is what you need to do to configure your website. So these are the few pages that you need to create. Now you need some menu items, so go to the menu section here. And here you can create multiple menus. So I can create the top menu here. So you can create it to be the primary menu…so let’s first create some categories. 

So let’s say you have a category name like DSLR. To create a new category, you might also have DSLR accessories. I’m not sure whether the spelling is correct or not. But I’ll just keep it right now. And then you’ll have some Lenses, right. 

To add this category. So this way you’ll have multiple categories to segment your content, with these categories, you can create multiple menu items. So we have- I have created this Top Menu, and I’ll add this to the primary menu.

 I will select the categories that I have created. I’ll add DSLR, accessories- and add them to the menu. This way you can create a menu item. You can also create a home menu item. Like, I can create a home menu item, and add the URL here.

 Okay… then add to the menu. And keep it to the top. Once you save the menu, and now when you’ll visit your website, you’ll have these menu items. Like Home, DSLR, DSLR Accessories and Lenses, etc.

 You can create many more items and if you’re using GeneratPress then you’ll also have the option for submenu if you enable that particular element, right? So guys for the customization of the theme, I have kept it for yourself, because I want you guys to know your themes from in and out.

 And this is why I recommend you guys to read the documentation of GeneratePress. Because you are creating an Amazon affiliate site you need to know everything about your theme. So I really request you guys to go through the entire documentation, all the elements, how they work… what is the function of each element? 

 And share the look of your website that you have created in our Facebook group so that I can give you feedback as well. So this is how you create the menu items. Again I’ll show you how to make changes to your website, all you have to do is go to themes in the customize section, here you can have all the options you can change about your theme.

 And everything is a live preview, you can click here and I highly recommend you guys to watch some GeneratePress YouTube tutorials. There are some really good tutorials out there that will show you exactly how to customize your theme. So guys, apart from this the only part left is how to write an article. And we will be covering that in a different separate blog, where I will be telling you how to write a perfect SEO-friendly Amazon associate affiliate article so that you generate the maximum revenue. 
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