Does Amazon provide affiliate marketing for a Hindi blogger?

Does Amazon provide affiliate marketing for a Hindi blogger?

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Most of the time we see that affiliate marketing is always done in the English blog rather than Hindi, but why is it? 

Have you ever thought that you have ever thought that if we can do affiliate marketing by blogging in another language such as Hindi, then its There is a direct answer yes we can, 

but it has some limited results as we know English is spoken all over the world and English is the only language which helps in communication of people all over the world through it.

 People do English blogging and put a linked banner of affiliate marketing in it, then they are easy to understand about that article or blog and they can understand the goodness of the product in English language but if we have any other language

 If you do affiliate marketing by blogging in the other language, then what will happen to it?

 Let's talk about something. If we assume that we will do affiliate marketing in a local language and make a blog of it, then what will be the first thing that local language will target only a specific area where it is spoken, it will not work in the whole world, where we will get its volume too low.

 I want to tell you one thing,

 affiliate marketing can be done in all languages, but all languages ​​will have different services. As I said, the English language connects the whole world to each other.

 If we are blogging in the Hindi language, then only those people will understand who knows, and Hindi is mostly spoken in India. Most of the people in India stay away from buying goods online. 

They believe that buying goods online can be a money game with them or their money can go away, that is why they never buy goods online but yes it is not that there affiliate marketing can not be done.

 In the coming time, affiliate marketing in India will increase so much in the future because the population of India is the most popular Hindi language as we know that due to the arrival of Jio, the Internet has been boosted very much and everybody is on the Internet.

Amazon Affiliate  Program Approval in Hindi Blog

Have you thought that Amazon's affiliate marketing program will be approved in other languages ​​except for English, such as affiliate marketing in Hindi language, it is a simple matter.

 Yes, Amazon never says that they give approval only in the English language. Anyone can join with any language. All of them join Affiliate Marketing in the English language only. You can apply for Affiliate Marketing in any language, that too in Amazon Affiliate Program.
Mohammad Shoaib
मेरा नाम मोहम्मद शोएब है ,मैंने इस ब्लॉग को बनाया है।मै छतरपुर मध्यप्रदेश रहता हु और केयर इंग्लिश स्कूल में पड़ता हु। मै चाहता हु की जो मैंने सीखा है वो आपको भी सीखा सकूं।

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