Best ways to create Backlinks and Traffic

Best ways to create Backlinks and  Traffic

smart ways to create authority backlink and massive traffic

Friends are getting more and more attracted towards blogging, due to which people find it very difficult to generate traffic in it, so they find new ways to bring traffic to their website but most people are not able to do so, then today we will tell you some ways that you can easily bring traffic to your side.

In early times People used to come in traffic only through SEO and it used to be found so easily and ranking was also easily done, but now it is very tricky, the traffic that comes from Google is very less. If you try to bring referral traffic too then it also comes good but that to remains for a few days.

We need a permanent traffic source so that the earnings of AdSense are good and the good authority of the site too. Continue to grow, but it is becoming very difficult to do this, people tell us to make guest postings, all these things do not have much effect now, because the guest posting that is done to make backlinks is also often not found in approval.

 If you do the guest posting people remove their site URL from there then that’s why we will tell you today some new ways that you can easily create backlinks that bring traffic to your site.

Search Broken links for website

First of all, we can try this method, we can search broken link and wherever we get its error or broken links, we can put our link there but it is not like that we put a broken link At the time we gave the address of our link, for any post in it, we should know what kind of post is written in the Broken links and on which subject the article is written.

Authority Backlinks from Wikipedia

You will definitely like this second method because you can get backlinks in it. From Wikipedia site, which is globally an encyclopedia, your site will start to grow very quickly in getting backlinks and traffic from Wikipedia.

 The first way can be what happens sometimes. If there is a need to improve the article written on Wikipedia, then there are many times that hyperlinks or links are given there, it comes to 404 error, then you can edit that article by writing your article there. And you can also make a backlink there

Another way to get a backlink from Wikipedia

Another way to get a backlink from Wikipedia can be when we scroll down Wikipedia and come to its footer section, then there is an option of an external link from there, we edit it and related to that article from our page. I mean that you can put a link for a backlink from there, by giving an article similar to it or similar information in the page of your website, but in that, you can face an obstacle if you have any spam from there.

If you tried to do so, your link will be removed from there or if you tried to do all this without logging in there, then your link will still be removed, then you have to take a backlink from there wisely.

I will first create an account there and then try to take a backlink from there and from what I just told you that you have to search your broken link and give your link, then for that, you will face a problem that you will get broken links How to search, you can use a tool called Wikigraber for this very tool It is good that this broken link highlights the score and shows it differently which makes it easier for the user to use it.

Reddit and Quora Massive Traffic Source

Let me tell you another great way to collect traffic, you must have known about Quora site, where people submit answers to different types of questions, you have to create your profile there and submit your answer there on daily basis. 

If you want to make backlinks, then your profile will be prepared and from there you will also get traffic, now it comes to how traffic will be received from there after you become a profile.

I will tell you 2 ways to do what you have to do for that, first of all, you can share a link there, whatever questions are asked there or questions are asked, there is an option to submit your source link. 

If you write the answer to that question completely on your site and then submit its link in Quora and write down that it is a source, in this thing you can also use a website called Reddit, which is very good With the help of this, you can get USA traffic but you have to write the article in English only. 

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