Proper Way to Rank in Google with good Meta Description

Importance of a meta description in SEO

meta description in SEO
Importance of meta description in SEO, length requirement of the meta description. What is a meta description and meta description writer? All these here

Friends, who wouldn't want to rank their website on Google's page, everyone would like that they get the most traffic but sometimes what happens is that they make some mistakes, they don't do it properly either, or their meta description is not made well. So I am going to share some tricks with you that meta description will help you to color your page very much or your page will get a traffic boost of it. We know that to make a meta description.

Length requirement of a meta description for writer 

Clever Way to Rank in Google with good Meta Description
It takes a maximum of 150 words and its frame should be similar and should have good keywords or else it will not be SEO Friend Description at all and you can also be very difficult so you need it. 

Use your keyword as much as you can as much as possible so that when Google thinks to get your PageRank, then Google must get the data you want in it, then friends, I will tell you some such tricks Which will help you a lot, what you have to do, which will be the meta description, then you will have your main keyword in it, then what you have to do, go to whatever your keyword research tool will be, you have to search your main keyword and related to it.

 After finding the one you want to find, you are first checking for such default and how many who have such a low difficulty and their search volume is high, you have to copy those keywords and all keywords in notepad and you have a fresh meta description. You have to create a meta description in which you will use their word of relative keywords which you have copied from the keyword research tool there. 

If you will try this method you will definitely notice the changes, the more the chances of traffic coming to your page will increase, I myself have tried them. I use it as one and you can also do that in the paragraph below the h1 heading, you also have to work in such a way where your main keyword and related keywords are repeated and good.

How to use heading tags for a good meta description

heading tags uses
If you have used the people well, then Google will definitely send visitors to your website and it will also give a good impression that you are giving them content that Google wants on your website.
 The second is your content in which if you give the headings and do not use properly or you use the same type of headings as if you only use h1 headings h2 headings, then it also affects the traffic of your website, you just have to give your main title in h1 tag.

 All your headings will be subtitled, you should divide them into h2 h3. 

The third thing can be that if you use a more passive voice then you have to reduce the use of it, you can use a minimum of 13% passive voice in your post but you can use it. If you are using a more passive voice than that, then you will have to reduce it because it is greatly reducing the readability and SEO compatible which has a lot of impact on the ranking.

Way to prepare a readable content

readable content
You have to prepare the paragraph in such a way that if it is opened in mobile then it will be settled in four lines and if it is opened in a computer or on a desktop then what happens in two lines makes it easier for the reader to read. It will be more connected to your website, if you liked this article which has been written by the founder of Blog Devta, then please tell in the comment section.
Mohammad Shoaib
मेरा नाम मोहम्मद शोएब है ,मैंने इस ब्लॉग को बनाया है।मै छतरपुर मध्यप्रदेश रहता हु और केयर इंग्लिश स्कूल में पड़ता हु। मै चाहता हु की जो मैंने सीखा है वो आपको भी सीखा सकूं।

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