What is the full form of SEO. How to do full SEO in website

FULL FORM OF SEOWhat is the full form of SEO? How to do full SEO in website
SEO full form or what is SEO, what is the meaning of SEO, types of SEO, SEO, having any problem related to such topic then don't worry.
The full form of SEO  is Search Engine Optimisation. It plays a vital role to rank websites in Google or other search engines. the new blogger website must be known that if they want to generate organic traffic for their website so now we will define SEO and its type.
Well now we know the full form of SEO but we don't know the way how to implement it in our site
SEO mainly divided into three types:-
  1. Technical SEO- Technical SEO pronouncing and telling that it is something related to technical things. Well yes, in technical SEO your website should have perfect timing to load at very fast speed. Now let us understand technical SEO briefly.
  • Speed- we are discussing that our side should have perfect speed so how can we do?
It could be done by choosing SEO friendly templates that means impressive template with less HTML and Java coding
it could be done by choosing best and fast hosting sites like blue hosting and A2ground hosting but if you are using blogger platform so you wouldn't have to be worry because it is hosted by Google
  • Meta description -meta description is such short paragraphs that are shown below the URL in Google search results it is very important for SEO. Because for example- if any user tries to search ‘how to make’ it so Google will show top 10 websites on the page that have exact same keywords or maybe something different so you have to create a meta description that covers the same keyword that you title had and it should be a short description of your blog post or your website.
    meta description
  • URL of your site - Your website URL name should be as they are denoting information to a particular niche. you should not have to choose the name like ‘’eff.com ‘’.These URL or domain name does not have any sense and it is very tricky to rank this URL.
  • Submission of your site to various search engines- if you are a new blogger then it would be a bonus point. Because it makes it easy to rank websites in Google or other search engine pages you must try Google Webmaster tool where you have to index your website or your blog.
Tip - if you are using WordPress then you can use some plugins
  1. On-page SEO - On-page SEO is the process that must be done on every post. the visitor should be impressed and think that visit your site again. So, latest define the things included in on-page SEO
  • Which type of keep race you are using in your post for example ‘you are writing a post on ‘’what is SEO’’. So, you have to maintain the keyword density of a word your first paragraph should have a few words mostly because it will convey a message to Google that the post is related to SEO and it has unique content’.
  • You have to write articles in easy language that make the visitor comfortable to read  
  • You have to choose a proper title in H1 post
  • Your URL of the post called permalink should be SEO friendly i.e,example.com/game-is- my-career. They are SEO friendly URLs. You don't have to use URL  like example.com /2245 they are called bad URL and it is also so tricky to index this URL in Google.
  • labels and tags -If you are writing a post and it is not categorized or labeled so it may not show in your latest or recent post.                                                        Some time if proper labeling is not done in the post so you may face the problem of breadcrumb. So I recommend you always tag or label your post.
  • Search Description of your post - we know that if we want to buy any product we first check the description that tells us what type of specification the product has.      Same here in blogging in the description box you have to shortly describe your post
  1. Off-Page SEO - Off-page SEO that should be called the website booster according to me because it plays a vital role to increase organic traffic in your site basically off-page SEO is done only for link building.
it is of two types:-
  1. internal link - building internal link building is done in your website your post gets connected to each other with relative keywords by which the visitor gets hyperlink from your one post to another.
  2. external link - building external links are built between two sites with a relative keyword by which you can receive the traffic from other websites.
Well, external links are also divided into two types they are called backlinks
  • nofollow backlinks - it does not create a route of traffic for your site and is useless according to me.
  • do-follow backlinks - it creates a route of traffic from the website and also helps to rank your post on Google.
Advantage of do-follow backlinks
  • if you are getting traffic from a high authority website so it will also increase your website domain and page authority.
  • the  fast way of getting backlinks is guest posting 

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